Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A Rough Crossing but in great company


A lot of new waterproofs were baptised today.

The heavens opened twice today, before getting on the boat and after getting off it!

It was a small band but we had so much to talk about.  One of the biggest motivators apparently for any movement when you feel the world or in this case the leaders don't necessarily care is to recharge with like-minded individuals.  There were a small-holder from Climate Stewards, an author of a book about Peak Oil and another Eco-congregation instigator, an editor of Green Christian, keen touring cyclists, with different experiences but a very common goal and ethos.  And the links were astonishing. A couple turned out to be the parents of a last owner of the Hub Cycle shop in Shirley, Southampton, a shop with a great atmosphere and customer care.  Another cycling group on the ferry from Westminster RC Justice and Peace Group, turned out to have two wind turbine designers on it besides myself and of course we'd met sometime before (small world).  Seasickness was a bit of a problem with a Force 8 gale, but usually not bad enough to stop the conversations!

Waves hit the seawall.  Managed to click just too late for the big ones! Sorry about the non-seabird
I had been hoping to tell you what would be happening in Paris by now but the situation is still too fluid to plan.  We will meet with the other Pilgrims on Friday evening.  Then we'll network and plan. We hope!

Mark Hancock

PS Any comments, queries, points of agreement or disagreement - please feel free to make!  Thanks for all those so far - but so far the owl has had a few more!

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  1. Good luck with your continued exploits, to all of you in your high vis vests plus Owl. We are watching here in Southampton with great interest and looking forward to updating people on your progress at our events on Friday and Sunday. Rebecca


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