Thursday, 19 November 2015

Paris - positive events.

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The second blog coming after the horrific events in Paris cannot help but start sombrely. Crazed people want to provoke us all into panic and self-destruction by indiscriminate violence.   As many have said that this week it is by carrying on in community that we can show that there is another way of peace and co-operation. So it is very likely that the enormously important UN Climate talks will go on and all those making their way including those going by foot or bike still will.  The march in Paris on the 29th November has been cancelled but I expect there still to be interesting side events.

Something heartening now, via Gill a teacher working with 18 New Forest schools on Climate Change, I have been asked to take 500 postcards written by children on their concerns to Mr Cameron at Paris. There are a few below.  I found the messages moving and it's hopeful that the next generation are so aware.

Gill remarked that the children's postcards were very animal-focussed (quite right. It is much about ecosystems where organisms large and small depend on each other) so a plan was hatched to take an Owl with me to blog back to the children.  That is

If you are local to Southampton please hook up via another blog  where you'll find a local demo pm on Sunday 29th, and an Climate Conversations event on 27th and more.

IT-wise it'd be nice to get encouragement or advice (priorite a droite, steady on with those croissants!).  Just click on the 'comments' in glorious ochre and an inviting box will appear.

That's enough for this blog.  The next I hope will be a bit on what exactly is happening at the summit.


  1. Fantastic postcards! Any chance we could exhibit copies of them in the church on your return?

  2. Great stuff Mark! Good luck with the wobble!

  3. Some of us went on the London Climate March on Sunday and we carried two banners printed with the images of the 120 most colourful postcards. Very much admired, and we told anyone we met all about you and Ossy the owl! Lots of images on Twitter and Facebook, but don't know how to put them up here for you.... Fiona


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